Reiki and Seichem
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In the 18oos Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian teacher in Japan, undertook a long search into the art of healing. In the ancient Sanskrit writings he discovered formulas and symbols for healing. After fasting and meditation for 21 days, he had a Meditation experience in which a light entered him and he received the power to heal and the knowledge of how to pass it on to others.
At the time of Dr. Usui`s transition, his associate Chyuro Hayashi, became the Grand Master.
Hayawo Takata went into transition in 1980, leaving 26 Masters of Reiki in the United States and Canada.
These Reiki Masters have committed their lives to this art of healing.

Through an initiation ceremony, in a Reiki class, the Reiki Master using symbols and the breath, facilitates the opening and cleansing of a channel inside the person, which increases the amount of healing energy flowing through the hands.

Reiki is drawn in through this clear channel and does not absorb any of the personal energy of the practitioner.

The energy is drawn through the body at a rate corresponding to the need of the person. The person is healed by the universal life energy, not by the practitioner.

Reiki will relieve pain and acute problems quite rapidly, chronic illness may take several treatments, depending on the specific problem, how long the person has the problem and the frequency and duration of the treatments.